Charles Kemp Reserve

                       75 Acres of magnificent river front land - with high ecological values
Beautiful sandstone outcrops overlooking the river.  
Dry land rainforest - moist, cool, sweet and tranquil  
Aboriginal rock carving??????  
A creek, a cave...a very pleasant spot to cool down and relax with family and friends.  
How beautiful is this sandstone formation - nature's art?  
.......And again......  
.......and again......  
A 'million' dollar view - priceless.  
Tranquility and beauty unsurpassed anywhere........  

The proposal by most current Councillors to sell the Charles Kemp Reserve was ill conceived and not in the community's best interest. 

'Community lands in, Community hands' should be the over-riding principle.  We strongly support this principle and have done so for a long time in Council.

The Most Vocal Locals on issues that matter.

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