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Short, medium and long term needs

The Plan will identify priorities for the development of the Bells Line of Road corridor and recommend a time frame for future development.

What do you think needs to happen to Bells Line of Road in the short term (0-5 years), medium term (5-20 years) and for the long term (20+ years)?

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  • Greg A

    I am from a distribution business based in the Hunter Region. We travel to Sydney and then out to the Western Region on a regular basis and the difference between the success of the Hunter area which is serviced by the F3 and the Western area serviced by 2 dangerous routes is very noticeable.
    An EXPRESSWAY to the Western Region should be of highest priority to any Government.
    The economic and social benefits afforded to the areas north of Sydney by an excellent expressway should be afforded to the people of western NSW.

  • Bta

    We run a small Beer Transport Fleet to Lithgow each day and are finding that the road is so slow that the PUB’s are dry before we Can get there and had Complaints about the service
    A new road would be Tops

  • Drew C

    The city is not getting any smaller, and anybody with some common sense can see that the current road is not safe for a start, nor does it encourage decentralisation. If a decent road can’t be built, the government is strangling potential of small of towns beyond the mountains. This proposed expressway will be an investment well worthwhile for the prosperity and development of new industry, jobs, investment, tourism and trade.

  • Jenny Fay

    Thanks to the RTA for hosting this forum.
    SHORT TERM – build Richmond/North Richmond bypass
    SHORT TERM – perform safety upgrades on BLOR; sealing shoulders, adding a couple of overtaking lanes etc.
    SHORT TERM – build Great Scenic Motorway, linking M7 to the west, seperate from BLOR & GWH.
    Best Wishes for the Xmas/New Year period. Let’s hope Santa brings some safety upgraades and a new motorway for Xmas.

  • BJ

    I travel out west to service my customer and cannot believe how much the old road is adding time and cost to our Rural comunities. The whole of NSW relies on the Country for Food and Minning. We have the most restricted link possible between this great resource and our States Capital City. We most put in a Four Lane Express way for the moving forward of the whole State.

  • PHIL D

    Lets get ahead, make progress….Get this done now so we arnt still talking about it in 10 years time.The road over the mountian is a over crowded parking lot, Better the road, Better the economy.!!!

  • editor1

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  • PK

    this is a desperatly needed requirment for any further growth and expansion west of the sydney metro area

  • mick

    I read with interest the comments on this project – It is obvious that a 4 lane highway is essential to replace the 2 roads available ( goat tracks is too nice)

    * Open up the west
    * Save lives
    * Increase infrastructure in NSW

  • Jon

    Too bad that this project is at least 50 years overdue – no better time than the present – get this project started NOW! The fatalities have been far too high on this danagerous stretch of road and this upgrade is no longer optional but a necessity. Costs associated with construction are irrelivant as the economical benefits to the nation could not be calculated.
    We are no longer in the 19th century ‘horse and cart’ days but in technologically advanced era than can see this project completed to world class standards and minimal impact to the enviroment.
    Start NOW – before it too late for the next casuality (this could be WHO!!!)

  • Paul Rasmussen

    Hi Jenny,

    YOU and others are going to have to be more ‘blunt’ and direct in seeking answers and commitments from pollies – Local, State and Federal.

  • James

    I put my reply to your post in the one above not where I meant to put it. Sorry.